Worcester MA Photographers – Devon’s Maternity Session

Worcester MA Photographers – Devon’s Maternity Session

I’ll admit, I never really feel like maternity sessions are my thing. I don’t really advertise it, but if someone approaches me about one, I will usually take it. Devon’s maternity session may have changed my mind on that. I’m still excited by these images. One of my goals this year is to bring some of the artful intention back into my work and this is a session I will keep in mind when I focus on that goal this year. The colors alone just super get me (I just love color + light so much).

Onto Devon + Jack’s session! When we finally got their session on the books, we were passed peak foliage and trees were changing by the day. I was a little worried there wouldn’t be a ton of pretty leaves to work with, but we hit the light and locations just right – everything was gorgeous. Devon + Jack were both laid back and ready to go with the flow. They were both super sweet and were willing to anything I threw at them.

It was as intimate + loving as an engagement session. Devon + Jack’s love for each other and the excitement they shared for their growing family was evident. Their images are filled with a warmth for each other that I think is quite obvious looking at them.

I loved being able to capture these quiet moments for them, just a few short weeks before their little one arrived. Last year most of all, I think it was important to hold onto the things that matter. The fact that I can create memories of this milestone in their life makes this all fulfilling. Congratulations to Devon + Jack!

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