Lauryn’s Story

Old Mill Westminster, MA Senior Session – Lauryn’s session was full of sun and smiles. She showed up with expertly braided hair and a positive attitude. Lauryn is a Class of 2018 Narragansett Regional High School Senior. Lauryn likes cheerleading and spending time with her friends. She’s incredibly social, down to earth, and easy going. It was very easy getting natural and beautiful photos of this young woman!

Westminster, MA Senior Session

We started off at the Old Mill in Westminster, MA to try and get some photos near the flowers. There were less than we expected, but we were still able to get a few amazing backgrounds in this area.

old mill restaurant westminster, ma covered bridge photo lauryn mattson narragansett regional high school senior old mill restaurant westminster, ma covered bridge photo with waterfall in background lauryn mattson narragansett regional high school senior 1761 Old Mill Westminster, MA senior session senior girl with braid and maxi dress on bench

Her look was fierce. Lauryn had one of the most natural and effortless smiles I’ve ever seen. She took direction really well and I think it would’ve been impossible to get a bad picture of her. The sun began to get lower and we wound up with some AMAZING light.

Old mill westminster, ma senior session senior girl sitting on stairs in long, flowery dress

1761 old mill restaurant westminster, ma senior session glowing light girl senior session central mass

Doyle Conservation Area, Leominster, MA

After the Old Mill, we made our way over to the Doyle Conservation Area for more senior pictures. This area had some wild flowers and long grass which was perfect for both of her outfits. The light only continued to get better.

westminster, ma senior session doyle conservation area leominster, ma senior session senior girl sitting on bench, braid senior photos westminster, ma senior session, romper senior pictures, maxi dress senior portraits westminster, ma senior session, flower in hair senior pictures, wildflower senior pictures

I was in love with Lauryn’s sunflower romper. So cute and perfect for her photos. Her mom even found a flower to put in her hair, since there weren’t as many flowers as we had hoped. It ended up matching the color of the sunflowers perfectly.

Lastly, we wondered around and found some awesome tall grass to take photos with.

black and white senior girl narragansett regional high school cheerleader, wildflower senior photos, westminster, ma senior session narragansett regional high school senior girl in field of flowers, field of grass senior pictures, westminster, ma senior session

It was the perfect day and the perfect weather. It was great meeting Lauryn and her parents and getting to know them all.

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