Class of 2021 – Daisy – Westborough MA Senior Photographer

Class of 2021 – Daisy – Westborough MA Senior Photographer

Meet Daisy, a member of the Class of 2021! I know there were a lot worse things about the pandemic, but one thing I missed out on was photographing Seniors. I think a lot of people put it on the back burner with everything going on and I didn’t get as many bookings as I normally do. Luckily, I did get the chance to work with a couple Seniors and they were just the best fall sessions.

Daisy’s session was on a chilly afternoon in November, but it was a beautiful fall day otherwise. Daisy’s outfit was the perfect palette for all the fall scenery. We walked around Doyle Conservation Area with her mom and her sister taking advantage of the beautiful light. I just loved her long skirt. It was so different, made her look mature, and looked really good in the long grass and yellow leaves. The sun hit that perfect golden light and things just kept getting better.

Daisy told me about herself and it was obvious that she’s extremely hard working. She told me how on top of her school work, she’s on her church’s media team and helps manage their social media pages, website, and radio station. Daisy was so sweet and cooperative with all my posing instructions. At a certain point, she even had her own ideas she wanted to try. It was a blast to work with her and I just love how her images came out.

I really feel for Seniors these past two school years. It’s a bummer that they didn’t get to have the typical high school experience and enjoy some last adventures with their friends. At least I got to help a few Seniors have a great Senior Photo experience. Congrats, Daisy + class of 2021!

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