Wachusett Mountain Senior Session — Lindsey, Class of 2016!

Here’s another Senior Session I’ve been meaning to post for a bit: Lindsey’s session at the top of Wachusett Mountain!

Lindsey is a snowboarder and was looking for her photos to really say something about her. It ended up being a hot day, but that didn’t stop us from having a great time and getting some great photos.

Every time I do a senior session, I find that I like it more and more. I always expect to love photographing babies and newborns because it’s such a critical time in their lives and it can be hard for families to catch those quick moments and emotions, but seniors are so rewarding because it’s also a critical time in their lives. This is the moment just before they make a very tough decision that will set their life in a certain direction. Even if that direction changes, the senior is being opened up to a whole new world of experiences. I love being able to capture these personalities and moments where they’re not quite kids and not quite adults.

I feel like I’ve been really lucky this year with seniors who are a willing participant in their pictures. All the seniors this year have come in with a goal in mind and a willingness to have great photos.

My two favorite photos:

I especially love the photos towards the end of this session where the lighting was just perfect and the scenery was gorgeous. I hope Lindsey had a great time also and has a great senior year. Go Class of 2016!

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