Top 3 Session Locations 2017

I’m excited to talk about my top 3 session locations 2017. It’s a tradition I started a few years ago and I quite enjoy it as a resource for people. I hope it inspires those of you who are unsure about where you’d like your session to be. If you’d like to check back on previous years, have a look at 2016 & 2015!

#3 Elizabeth Park

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My session at Elizabeth Park in West Hartford was one of my final of the year, but it was especially memorable. Elizabeth Park expands a ways, but it’s home to a Rose Garden that is absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t get to walk far in the park as a whole, as I spent most of my time there, but it provided us with so much beauty to work with. I’ve heard when the roses are in bloom, it’s even prettier. I would love to see a wedding there sometime. Check out Rhiannon & Daniel’s engagement session here.

#2 NYC

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I’ve only been to NYC  a handful of times, but this past year, I had the opportunity to shoot a cover story for The Perpetual You magazine. It was a lot of fun. It was also an experience I’ve romanticized in my head a lot – being a photographer in New York City. I had a lot of fun living in that moment for just a small point in time and I think I got some great images out of it. See more here.

#1 Crane Beach

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Admittedly, I’m particularly biased about this location. I went to Crane Beach for the first time during college and it continues to be one of my favorite places (definitely in Massachusetts, possibly anywhere). It’s got a great sand-to-water ratio, it’s never been super crowded when I’ve been there, and not only is the beach gorgeous, but the areas around it make you feel like you’re somewhere entirely different than Massachusetts. On top of all that, I got to take engagement photos for a dear friend that helped her maintain her dream (which was also my dream once) of a beach wedding.

Honorable mentions: Drake Hill Road Bridge and Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University. Both were immensely gorgeous and provided me with some awesome engagement session locations. I can’t wait to do a first look at the former this May.

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