The Briggs Family – Paxton MA Family Photographer

The Briggs Family – Paxton MA Family Photographer

Meet the entire Briggs Family! I had the awesome opportunity of photographing some extended family at Moore State Park in Paxton MA. It’s the perfect location for fall photos. Moore State Park is amazing, but little did we know there was a bunch of construction happening! It didn’t bother us much, but the covered bridge was inaccessible. Still plenty of wonderful backdrops even without it.

It started off with a few of the smaller family units individually. All dressed in their best fall colors, they coordinated so well with the scenery. Then, we made sure to take a few giant family combinations. While sometimes this can be a lot, it’s so awesome to have everyone gathered together. Multiple generations sharing their love for each other.

Lastly, they wanted to replicate a photo of some of the kids walking with all the youngest generation. It was fun and amazing to try to recreate it and to see just how many of them there were now! I love getting to do special things like that and add a special something to a session.

Thanks for including me in your memories!

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