Sutton MA Wedding – Suzie + Brian

Sutton MA Wedding – Suzie + Brian

It’s taken me a bit to get back to blogging, but I’m super excited to get back to it. What better way than with Suzie + Brian’s beautiful day! It was a day filled with family and love. Suzie and Brian’s love story was a long time coming and they obviously had such great people in their corners.

The day was a hot one and not much cloud cover. Fortunately, they got married in a beautiful ceremony spot with lots of diffused light. As the ceremony and other posed photos went on, it only got prettier on the grounds. The light became golden and glowed through the surroundings. I just love how all these photos came out.

The reception was lively and fun. Suzie and Brian’s first dance was romantic and magical and paved the way for lots of dancing throughout the night. Suzie and Brian had been together since high school and their love for each other only grew as they did. The toasts from friends and family explained how inspiring their love is and how they developed a close bond for a long time. Everyone obviously had a great time! It was a blast watching everyone enjoy and celebrate them.

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