Sunflower Wedding Invitation Illustration

I haven’t shared illustration work in awhile, so here’s the sunflower wedding invitation illustration I created for my wedding! It’s one of my favorite pieces and I have an obvious special connection to it. I held off for so long to keep it a secret, but then I totally forgot to share it.

blue green and yellow dusk sunflower wedding invitation illustration with fireflies

We didn’t really have a “theme” for our wedding. Our theme was our life together and just things we liked. Our flowers were sunflowers and daisies so I really wanted sunflowers on the invitations. I originally wanted lanterns (I’m obsessed with lanterns), but something just wasn’t working. When I added in the fireflies, that’s when things really came together. It has that warm summer feeling I wanted for my sunflower wedding invitation illustration.

We had so many DIY touches, but this one I have a special connection to. I love how weddings have become so personalized. We were super into that for our day.

What special touches did you add? I love hearing about wedding details! They’re the best. Check out my illustration gallery to see more of my illustration work!

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