Sunflower Engagement Session MA – Madison + Becca

Sunflower Engagement Session MA – Madison + Becca

Madison + Becca are getting married next August and for their engagement session wanted one thing – a sunflower session. I was so excited to hear this, we put our heads together and found a sunflower field not far and made the trip towards the end of the summer.

Navigating around crazy weather weekends and the farm’s schedule, we finally made it. Madison + Becca were so warm and fun-loving – we became fast friends. I’m so excited for all the Disney couples who found me this year. Madison + Becca showed me their Up scrapbook and I’m excited to see what other personal touches they incorporate into their wedding day.

The rows of flowers were a little close, but they were such good sports about me sticking them in the middle of all the flowers. We laughed as we went and journeyed around the whole farm together. I had Madison + Becca dance in the rows. They were so warm and loving towards each other – the bright, shining sun was such an appropriate representation of their love.

It was an amazing day connecting and resulted in gorgeous images. These are some of my favorite images of the whole year. I can’t wait to celebrate these two next August. Congrats Madison + Becca!

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