Stillwater Farm Senior Session Sterling MA — Amanda Luisa Photography Illustration

A little late on a few posts, but I will be getting them out over the next few days/weeks. This first one is a Stillwater Farm Senior Session with Chelsea!

I had the pleasure of taking her photos in Sterling, MA at the Stillwater Farm! I had never been there, but I’ve past it a bunch and it always looks so cute. There was a big barn, an old house, some farming equipment and tons of grass. We had a blast taking a bunch of really cool shots of Chelsea, who is looking forward to her senior year!

The barn was great and we hit it at a time where the lighting was PERFECT. The colors of her clothes were fantastic and fit really well with the backgrounds and scenery.

I had a great time photographing Chelsea and wish her the best of luck in the coming year. Go Class of 2016!

For more sessions like this, check out the facebook page and website! See more senior sessions on the blog or the HS Senior gallery

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