South Hadley Wedding Photographer – Katrina + Owen

South Hadley Wedding Photographer – Katrina + Owen

I first met Katrina + Owen a few years ago at Katrina’s mom’s wedding. This was a first for me – a mom and daughter in the course of a couple years. It was a lot of fun catching up with past clients and helping the next generation achieve their vision as well. Check out Laurie’s Vernon, CT wedding here.

Katrina + Owen were so sweet. They had their DIY wedding at McCray Farm in South Hadley, MA. The ceremony area overlooked a few mountains in the background. It was an absolutely breathtaking backdrop to their wedding celebration.

Katrina + Owen were so happy and warm to everyone. Their family and friends were excited to share in their celebration and made sure their day went off without a hitch. The bridal party was super nice and supportive and helped me get the photos done smoothly.

Catching up with Laurie, Mel, and the rest of their family was so special. This year has been all about being accepted into families as *their* photographer. It’s been a great place to be and I’m extremely grateful to have such an impact on people’s lives.

Katrina + Owen were so laid back. They just wanted to document and enjoy their day. They were both concerned with waste at their wedding, so everything was compostable. Love a green wedding! They brought along their dogs for the celebration and I LOVE the images where they’re just milling around. Truly a celebration of their love here on this day.

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