Physical Artwork VS Digital Files

In this post, I want to highlight the importance of investing in physical artwork from your photography session vs. buying digital files.

Let me start off by saying I get the desire. It’s nice to know you have the backup and you can print off whatever you want. While that’s great, there are a few things to keep in mind.

#1 90% of Digital Images Don’t Get Printed

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Okay, that’s not a real statistic, I’m just being dramatic. I’m not sure what the real number is, but do you have a point-and-shoot camera at home? Think about the last time you actually, physically printed these photos out. Even the ones you take on your phone usually just end up on Facebook. Most of the time, digital images just sit in a folder on your desktop or hard drive. You may occasionally think to take a trip down memory lane and look at them, but they aren’t getting much more attention than that. You may have intentions of printing them, but life kind of just gets in the way and it’s easy to forget about them.

#2 You Hired a Professional

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You took the time and money to hire a professional, invest in physical artwork. Invest in their expertise. Professional photography is meant to be displayed and shown off. It’s meant to add value to your life and to your home and should be displayed proudly. Photographers can help you pick appropriate sized canvases or match the photo to the room you want to display it in.

Or, choose an album created to bring out and share. Designing albums is one of my favorite things and I think they’re so special for people to take home.

Use the photographer’s expertise to maintain optimum quality. As much as Walmart prices may be desirable, you get the quality you paid for. Your photographer has already figured all of this out for you and is working with a lab they trust and respect.

#3 It Will Save You Time

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Like I mentioned before, life has a funny way of just moving forward. Weird, right? But because photographers have a workflow, you skip the step of having to now print things out yourself (or intending to print things out yourself). It cuts out that middle time where it might not be in the front of your mind anymore.

Wrap Up

While digital files definitely serve a purpose, I just think physical artwork adds a little more to your experience of a photo session. It’s something that doesn’t come around too often for everybody, so it helps you make the most of it. Every time you look at that canvas or book, you’ll be reminded of that special time in your life.

I’ll be posting images of our products really soon to give you all an inside look at what I offer in my packages. Take a look at the blog for more informational posts! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates!

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