Old Mill Westminster MA Wedding – Dani + Joe

I’m so excited to share Dani & Joe’s Old Mill Westminster MA wedding with you. I grew up doing theater with Gabi (Dani’s sister) and was honored to capture this special day with them. Their wedding was science themed with beakers and elements as details. The cake was even decorated with symbols of chemical bonds. It was so one of a kind, they left pieces of themselves all over the celebration.

(Cake – Aunty M’s, Dress – Anne’s Bridal)


The ceremony was intimate and included more personal touches. The bridesmaids came out in these beautiful navy dresses. The maid of honor, pulling Dani & Joe’s daughter behind them. Full of Shakespeare, loving words, and ending with a chemical reaction. Instead of a usually unity ceremony, Joe and Dani opted for creating a small chemical reaction. It was the perfect display of their love.

The ceremony grounds at the Old Mill in Westminster overlook a small pond. This was a perfect backdrop to the celebration of their special day.

The bridal party was a lot of fun. Filled with people who love one another and spend a lot of time together.


The reception that followed was filled with family and love. The speeches that followed showed Dani & Joe’s journey with close friends and family. Dani and her family is very close and clearly love spending time together. It was fun to see them all over the dance floor and enjoying the day.

It was a lot of fun working with these two on their wedding day. It’s so fun to see the details couples put together for their special day. It’s clear to me that they put a lot of work into this day and worked on so much of it together.

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