Ludlow Country Club Wedding – Matt & Bridget

At the beginning of August, I had the pleasure of photographing Matt & Bridget’s Ludlow Country Club wedding! Though there were a few hiccups during the day, like how during the ceremony, the sky opened up and started pouring rain, everything cleared up in time for a beautiful day. Getting ready was a lot of fun. The girls were all happy and looked super pretty in their pale pink and champagne dresses.

The ceremony

The ceremony took place at a church in Springfield. It had beautiful stained glass windows inside and we were able to take great photos both inside and out. During the ceremony, it started to pour rain, but luckily it finished by the time the ceremony ended (and it was so warm out, the rain dried up rather quickly). We did some formals at the church. The only downside to the rain was that we weren’t able to go to Forest Park afterwards. It ended up being probably for the best as we were able to save on time and do the rest of the formals at the reception location, the Ludlow Country Club in Ludlow, MA. We got a lot of really fun formals, they were full of ideas for them.

Ludlow Country Club Wedding Reception

The reception was lots of fun and everyone looked like they had a fantastic time. Lots of happiness, family, and dancing. These guys definitely brought the party.

Very glad I got to be part of their special day and think I helped to really capture the beauty and happiness of the day. There was so much love and fun in this room, I had a really great time. It was nice getting to know such a beautiful couple.

Congrats to Matt & Bridget on their beautiful life together! I also did Bridget & Matt’s engagement session! Click the link to check it out!

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