March Cover Story – The Perpetual You

I had the privilege of shooting another cover story for the Perpetual You magazine. For the March cover story, I got to travel to New York to photograph Rebecca Casciano, an amazing makeup artist and natural beauty specialist. It was an amazing experience to explore a new environment and meet inspirational women. This is the second cover story I’ve done with TPY so far and it’s a lot of fun. While also in NYC, we traveled outside the city and photographed the April cover story as well, but I will tell you about that later. The magazine provides an outlet to learn about strong women and it’s pretty empowering. If this is something that interests you, I would highly suggest checking it out.

I am embarrassed to say that even though I’ve lived close enough in MA my whole life, this is only my second journey to NYC. Luckily, I will be traveling out again in about a month for a short trip. It was fun to experience the city in this way. We went to this awesome cafe halfway through the shoot and these were my favorite shots from the whole day.

To read the cover story, click here! You’ll be able to see my work this month, next month, and I will have lifestyle photos scattered throughout the next several months. Keep checking back as the issues are all posted online! Soon, the magazine will be going to print, which I’m pretty excited about. I can’t wait to be able to see these wonderful issues in person.


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