Lantern Wedding Timeline

You may or may not know I’m obsessed with lanterns. This is the Lantern wedding timeline painting I made for my wedding last year. I realized recently that I hadn’t shared a lot of the things I made for the wedding so I’m bringing them all out now.

lantern wedding timeline painting, floating lantern wedding painting blue green and yellow

I desperately wanted to incorporate lanterns into the wedding. We tried it in our engagement pictures, invitations, and every time it sort of flopped. Lanterns ended up being our centerpieces, name cards/favors. I loved including them wherever I could. I’m surprised we didn’t have a full-blown tangled wedding. This was something I was incredibly proud of. I loved the idea and way it came out and brought everything together on us.

It was a piece at the wedding that I’m really glad was there because it added more special touches to the day.

What’s the best timeline/bridal party imagery you’ve seen at a wedding? I love these when I see them and would LOVE to see more.

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