Adam – Senior Portrait Session in Lancaster MA

I’m really excited to share Adam’s Senior Portrait Session in Lancaster MA on my blog because I’ve had the pleasure of working with every member of this family (some of them more than once) and I’ve really  enjoyed getting to know them. I also got a few great shots and I’m super excited about it.

Open Field

Adam's Senior Portrait Session in Lancaster, MA leaning agains rock wall, lancaster massachusetts senior pictures photographers


We were flexible on location, so I decided to recommend a field in Lancaster MA, as well as the down town area where there are a lot of old and great brick buildings. We got nervous for a moment because I pass this field all the time, but don’t ever see anything going on in it, but this particular day, they had chosen to bale hay, so there were trucks driving in and out all day. They ended up being done by the time the session started so it worked out really well in the end. I had thought it would be a good idea to get some shots next to the bales, but they were gone by the time we needed the space.

black and white male high school senior portraits Adam's Senior Portrait Session in Lancaster, MA

After the first initial hiccup, it proved to be a beautiful day and a great location choice. We got a good mix of country and city in using the old buildings in Lancaster, MA.

I’ve worked with both mom and Adam a few times in various other sessions. When I asked how Adam felt about his senior pictures, his mom informed me he was not thrilled about them. She also said he generally does not like pictures of himself at all. Usually, this causes the subject to look uncomfortable and sometimes be uncooperative, but Adam was so easy going and so easy to work with. He just went with the flow.

Lancaster Town Hall

Adam's Senior Portrait Session in Lancaster, MA town hall

The brick buildings were also an amazing background to work with. Sitting on steps, varieties of colors and textures, we got a lot of great shots.

Adam's Senior Portrait Session in Lancaster, MA town hall sitting on steps, lancaster mass senior pictures

The above picture ends up being one of my very favorites from the day. I love the way the light comes through behind him, but he’s still very visible in the image.

black and white serious senior photo for boys, Adam's Senior Portrait Session in Lancaster, MA

This one I had to share because everyone who saw it dubbed it the “James Dean” picture. I thought the same thing as I was shooting/editing it. So much fun!


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