Doyle Field Senior Photos – John

My cousin John is a senior at Leominster High School and I took his senior portraits a few weeks ago. We chose to do Doyle Field Senior Photos as there are a lot of great backgrounds to choose from in that area. I have to say, I haven’t gotten that emotional in the past about my cousins graduating, but I think that must be because I was so close in age to them and I had just graduated myself, but this one gets me a little. He should just be glad I wasn’t home when I finished editing these or else he probably would’ve ended up seeing some baby pictures in here, too. =]

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DSC_0157-6 DSC_0175-Edit-7 DSC_0131-4


I enjoyed this session a lot and am so proud of my cousin. His senior pictures came out amazing and it was an honor to take them.

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