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Have questions or don’t know exactly what to expect? Hopefully you’ll find your answers in the FAQ’s below! =]

What kinds of services do you provide?

I love photographing people and work mostly with portraits. I dabble in a little bit of everything, but am working towards specializing in weddings, senior portraits, and families. I also deeply enjoy illustration and drawing and am open to different illustrative projects as well!

Where can I see samples of your work?

If you haven’t already, check out my website and like my facebook page! I try to keep my website as up to date as possible, but I also post frequently on facebook. Also, feel free to look around this blog for work and helpful information about sessions. =]

What is your process for new clients?

After our initial email or call, I like to meet with people and share samples and information. If it’s too difficult to meet beforehand, I like to get to know you over email and discuss what you’re looking for in a session. Once the session is booked, I have you fill out a questionnaire to help us get to know each other better. I like my sessions to be highly customized and personal and like to build a relationship with you before you get in front of the camera to help you feel comfortable and relaxed.

How long is a session?

It depends on what kind of session you want and how many people you have. Mini-sessions are typically 20-30 min., a senior session can take anywhere from 45-90 min or more, and a newborn can take up to 2 hours.

How long after a session will I receive my photos?

I try to keep my turn around time low and work efficiently. Depending on how many other sessions I’m also working on, I try to keep my photo delivery in the 1-2 week range, at which point we will schedule a viewing and ordering session. After that, depending on the products and packages, it usually takes 2 weeks to receive finished pieces.

How much do you cost?

I don’t include my prices on my website because I like to discuss them, share samples, and just chat to better help you. Sessions start at $150 and vary depending on amount of people, time dedication, and preparation. Wedding packages start at $1500 and include an engagement session to help you feel comfortable on your wedding day.

What kinds of products do you offer?

I strive to provide each client with physical products from their sessions. Prints are a must, but I also like to give people an heirloom or artwork to take with them, hopefully in the form of a canvas artwork or album.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

If you need to reschedule because of sickness, weather, or unexpected scheduling conflict, as long as I have room in my schedule, I will do my best to accommodate you on a different date. I always keep an eye on the weather up to your session date and work with you in case it needs to be moved. However, rain can sometimes be a fun experience for doing photos and if you’re still willing to go out, we can give it a shot! It may turn out to be a fun story to tell!

What happens if it rains?

We can do whatever we can to reschedule. If you’re still willing to go out in the rain/snow, it may make for gorgeous photos, anyways! It’s up to you!

Any other questions you may have, feel free to comment with them below or email me at: Amanda@AmandaLuisa.com! =]


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