I have had the privilege of photographing Baby Delaney since she was born and it’s been an amazing experience. And this time, Mom, Dad, and even Dora, joined us. It wasn’t as nice a day as we had hoped, but we still got a few awesome family shots out of it. 


What a beautiful family! Delaney can stand, is starting to walk, and can even talk a little. I was so surprised when she waved to me and said “hi!”


We took some photos in her pretty dress and with a few props and she was just smiling away. Then, we decided to get messy with some cake:


It was my first cake smash and it was so much fun. I’m obsessed with them now and will hopefully have another one coming up soon [about to suggest it to another 1yr session I’ll be having which should also be super fun]. Delaney loved the cake and I got a lot of great images out of it. Happy Birthday, Delaney!







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