How A Wedding Coordinator Works with a Wedding Photographer

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How A Wedding Coordinator Works with a Wedding Photographer

As a wedding coordinator, my goal is to provide my brides and grooms with a stress-free period before their wedding, as well as a worry-free day that goes smoothly from start to finish. Part of ensuring that this happens is working with other wedding vendors to share information, particularly regarding the timeline of the day and any special requests of the bride and groom.


A photographer is key to a smooth wedding day. She is there for the entirety of the wedding day, from the moment the bridal party starts getting ready to the send off in the getaway car. I love working with wedding photographers because their craft is a true gift to the couples whose weddings they capture!


Booking a Photographer:

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If I am helping a couple book a wedding photographer, I suggest they meet with the photographer to see if the photographer seems like a good fit for them. I encourage them to find someone who matches not just their wedding budget, but their stylistic preferences and personality, as well. Once the bride and groom have made a choice on their photographer, the couple and I discuss a shot list. Typically, I suggest the couple come up with this with their photographer, since this is her area of expertise. I then request that they provide me with a copy so that I can help them create a timeline that will accommodate the pictures that they want.


Before the Wedding:

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In the weeks leading up to the wedding, I start communicating with each vendor. Each vendor receives a detailed timeline of the day. They also receive a wedding professionals contact information sheet. Finally, each vendor gets a reminder of the times and addresses for the wedding festivities. For the photographer in particular, I like to touch base to see if she has any questions about the flow of the day. I want to double check that she has ample time to get the shots that the couple has discussed with her!


At the Wedding:

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On the day of the wedding, I touch in early with the photographer. I remind her that I am available to answer any questions or address concerns. Then I go attend to the rest of my job while she attends to hers. My job is never to micromanage other professionals. It is to ensure that we are all able to do our jobs at the wedding in a seamless way. As the day progresses, I usually check in with the photographer to see how things are going. Sometimes, we discuss any last minute timeline changes as requested by the bride and groom. I also love when the bride and groom sneak off with the photographer for some pictures away from the party – such as a sunset shoot. My job then is to ensure that the party keeps flowing and that guests are happy so that the couple is able to have that time with the photographer. This time can result in some of the most romantic photos!


Something Extra:

In addition to the collaborative work on the wedding day, here are some nice “extras” that I have experienced with some of the wonderful photographers I have worked with:


  • When the photographer stays in touch after the wedding and shares her work. We share information, write reviews for each other, and she allows me to use her photos to showcase my work on the wedding. All of this is done with a collaborative spirit!

  • When the photographer snaps a few images of me in action. This is such a nice surprise when I see them after the wedding!

  • When the photographer personally delivers her photos to the couple, either on a digital storage device or on carefully printed photos. I know couples who have had this experience really cherished it!


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Keara Anne Weddings is a wedding coordination compnay helping you get all of your last minute details in place for you dream wedding.

Keara Anne Weddings
Wedding Coordination

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Bio: Keara Anne is a wife, mom, and a former teacher turned wedding coordinator. She lives and works out of the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania. Keara specializes in month-of wedding coordination, but tailors her services based on her clients’ planning needs. Her goal is to walk alongside each couple to provide them with a peaceful planning experience. That way, Keara believes, they are able to prepare not just for their wedding, but for their marriage.
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