Crocker Pond Senior Photos

These are more from the session I was posting about yesterday with my cousin Adam. Today I’m focusing on a friend of his, Kyle. Kyle’s Crocker Pond Senior Photos came out AMAZING. I’m super excited to share these with you all, too!

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oakmont regional high school crocker pond senior photos westminster ma leaning on fence with one foot up male senior pictures

Kyle was funny because he was super shy, like a lot of boys, he really wasn’t into this whole senior photo shoot, but with the help of everyone in the background, we got him to laugh, and I think he had some really great expressions in his photos.

oakmont regional high school crocker pond senior photos, sitting next to canoe male senior photos on shore

On the beach, there were some boats lying around and they looked perfect. It’s so funny how you can walk around and just find these great natural backdrops. It looked especially cool with these boys.

crocker pond senior photos westminster ma old rusty truck boy senior pictures boy with blue shirt

crocker pond senior photos oakmont regional high school senior, rusty old truck boy in blue shirt senior pics

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I’m not great at writing along with these photos, but that’s the great thing about pictures [you know, they’re worth 1000 words and all that]. All in all, I’m very happy with how these two seniors came out and I think their moms are too.

Got a lot of other great things coming up soon, maternity sessions, newborns, events, painting projects, lots to look forward to [which hopefully means a lot more to post]! I’m not great at posting when I don’t have anything new to share, but it seems like that won’t be the case the next month or so! Stay tuned!

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