Holden MA Wedding – Carolyn & Sean

It’s a nice time right now, as I build my business and brand, because I get the opportunity to do a variety of work for clients I don’t know and people I do know. A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to photograph a Holden, MA wedding for my fiance’s cousin. She wanted to do a first look, which was cool because I’ve second shot one before, but this was a chance for me to kind of practice one on my own. There’s almost more pressure, it feels like, when family is involved than someone I’ve never met before (especially because I can tend to be a little self-conscious), but in the end, I had a lot of fun doing it and think I got some really great images out of it.

Holden MA wedding first look:

The first look portion was done at the Holden Public Library. There was a little park off to the side of the parking lot, with a  little brick house and it was the perfect secluded spot for the first look to take place. There was also this amazing flower bush close by that gave that garden feel to some of the more posed portraits. Lots of the other photos took place on the back side of the library and on the grass between the library and the church where they got married.

The Ceremony:

Carolyn’s sister also got married last year and is expecting her first child in the next month or so, so I got a chance to take a few quick maternity shots with her and her husband.

At the end, we took a giant picture with their whole family and I think it worked out pretty well. I’m glad I got to share in this experience with them and it kind of breaks the ice with the family with everything I do.

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