Worcester Newborn Photographer — Baby Killian!

The summer was a bit slow, but things have been getting busier since August started. Luckily, I will have plenty to post from this point forward [so hopefully, that will mean at least once a week =]. The family I babysit for just welcomed a new member to their beautiful family, meet baby Killian. He’s super cute and so sweet and tiny.

He was so precious, he just slept the whole time. The only time he made any kind of peep is when he stuck his lip out in that last picture. I just couldn’t resist capturing that face. It was truly a lot of fun spending time with this little guy. I know the rest of the gamily pretty well, so it was great meeting this guy. =]

Hopefully I will be posting a lot more with everything that’s coming the next few months. I’ve also put a lot of my drawing on the back burner, I hope to turn that around in the next few weeks, as well. Time to get my act together, can’t wait to share more with you all =].

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