Ashland MA Elopement Photographer – Amanda + Krissie

Ashland MA Elopement Photographer – Amanda + Krissie

Uncertainty caused a lot of couples in 2020 to make quick decisions about their weddings. From waiting to know if their wedding would be postponed, to wanting to give guests enough time to prepare, it wasn’t always easy knowing what to do. A lot of couples chose to elope this year and have the party they want next year. I often try to imagine what I would’ve done in this situation and I think this solution tends to be my favorite. I’ve taken to calling the mini-ceremonies that happened in 2020 “wedding part 1.” So happy to have been able to capture Amanda + Krissie’s wedding pt 1.

A lot of our plans together fell short – their engagement session was planned for almost a year ago (at time of writing), but kept getting pushed off because of the start of the pandemic. Since they wanted wintery images, there was never really a good time after that. Then, after having decided to postpone their party, they decided last minute to have their ceremony anyways. It was so beautiful.

Amanda + Krissie’s wedding was Beauty and the Beast/Christmas themed. I met them at their house in Ashland to document their first look and ceremony. The house glittered with pretty lights, baked goods, and roses. It was truly the perfect winter wedding.

First Look

Krissie + Amanda started with a first look. It was so lovely and Amanda’s dress was a DREAM. I was slightly obsessed with it the whole time (and still am, to be honest). We took some portraits in the same room and played around with the lights a bit and their amazing vanity display. Amanda + Krissie are so sweet. They clearly have so much love for each other and couldn’t wait any longer for this moment. It was a lovely moment to get to capture for them.

Mini Ceremony + Reception

We then enjoyed a small ceremony surrounded by only immediate family and wedding party of two. It was so fun getting to be a part of this sweet, intimate moment with them. Their aunts officiated and friends and family watched via zoom. Finally, they could join their lives together.

After the ceremony, they had a first dance and cut the cake. It was over shortly after that. If 2020 has taught me anything it’s that while the party is fun, these are the moments that matter. If you want to get married, you can do that in whatever way makes the most sense to you. At the end of the day, you’re still married.

Amanda + Krissie have been so fun to get to know. In a way, I’m happy that I get to extend my experience with them to next year. Will be super happy to photograph their party (and, if all goes well, hopefully we’ll be dancing again). Congratulations Krissie + Amanda!!

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