April Cover Story – The Perpetual You

April Cover Story – The Perpetual You

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I’ve done a few projects with The Perpetual You magazine. It’s a digital/online magazine designed to focus on and empower women. It’s free (online, it will be in print soon) and it’s by women for women. Even the collaborators are all women. I began collaborating with them since January and it’s begun one of my very favorite things to help work on.

So far, this is my third cover story, but I’ve also done several lifestyle shoots with them. Every time I do, I meet more and more fantastic women who make their own success. It’s incredibly rewarding and I’m happy to be apart of the process.

Each month has a theme and April is all about ease. The cover story features Tara Newman who is a business coach. It was great to meet and photograph her in NY. She is amazing and her whole focus is to resist hustle and still be successful. She was perfect for the ease theme and the whole issue is a great read (read it here).

Here are a few images from the shoot:

Read about the previous two cover stories here and here.

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