Amanda Luisa Wedding Photography Experience

I decided to make a series of posts exploring what it’s like to work with me starting with “Amanda Luisa Wedding Photography Experience.” These posts will take you through a bit of my process and what you can expect from me. More than anything, I want to be a friend and an ally to you. Along the way, I want to help with advice, tips, and any questions I can answer. Come along with me!

amanda luisa wedding photography experience

Pre-booking your date

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It all starts with the initial inquiry. I try to be as upfront as possible. I know from experience that when you’re planning a wedding, you want to get as close to the full picture when you’re looking at prices as you can. Your here because you value good photography as well as a smart value. I like to provide you with pricing, information, and anything you might need to feel confident in choosing me. Before any commitment is made, I encourage inquiring couples to meet with me, look at some samples, and ask any questions they might have. This is a good opportunity for me to get to know you and vise versa. This always enhances everyone’s feelings about making the right decision.


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Yay! You said yes! Now we start on the process of reserving the date and getting some basic information in my notes. Since you’re not very far along in planning, I know there isn’t a whole lot to say just yet, but I try to get the basics of what I need early on so that there’s less to go over at the end. We will meet once in the beginning and then a month before the wedding. If you also book an engagement session, at least once or twice in addition to that. Then, I’m also available to you by email and text at any other point.

One Month Before

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This is the most important meeting. For distance sake, it can be done over email or by phone, but this is where we discuss all the fine details and most must-have moments. This is how I create my time line and action plan. You will feel so confident having this detailed plan in place. I also will tour your venue in the month before the wedding to get the lay of the land and find ideal spots.

Wedding Day

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On your wedding day, we will fulfill the plan we put in place and  most of the time you will hardly notice I’m there. I’ll capture all your must-have moments, fine details, and honest memories.

2-4 weeks later

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You will receive your gallery full of wonderful images from your day for sharing, viewing, and ordering. I will also have your album design prepped for you and we will make the selections of your favorites/any other products you might want or are included in your package.


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I hope that our friendship will keep us connected after the wedding. You’ll always be on the VIP list and can feel free to follow along on Instagram or Facebook.

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