Wachusett Reservoir – Allie’s Senior Photos, Clinton, MA

So excited about Allie’s Wachusett Reservoir senior photos!

I have to say that my morning that day started off a little rough. The Wachusett Reservoir is not very far from where I live, so I went to head down a little early for the session. I went to start my car and my battery had died. Thank goodness my session was in town that day, not sure what I would’ve done if it was somewhere further away, but I ended up walking down to the reservoir instead of driving (which wasn’t as bad as it sounds haha). After that, the session went very well!

Allie was great and had such awesome things to bring to the session. She does Irish step dancing so we even got to do some with her dance shoes on top of the reservoir! It was amazing and as a dancer myself, I’m a sucker for any kind of dance photos.

From there, we moved onto central park in Clinton, MA.

We started in front of the Museum of Russian Icons and ended in front of an awesome brick wall with some vines. There was a lot more around the center of Clinton, MA than I thought there would be. We even found a great, old looking door off of one of the churches in the area.

After a rocky start, it ended up being a successful session. It was a beautiful day and Allie wound up with some amazing photos. The Wachusett Reservoir is a place I’ve photographed at a bit and I really love doing sessions there. It’s one of my favorite places in Clinton and I hope to do many more sessions around this area.

I’m very happy with all of these and hope she loves them, too! Congrats, Allie, Class of 2016!

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