Crocker Pond — Adam’s Lacrosse Senior Pictures, Oakmont Senior

So excited to share Adam’s Senior Session! Adam’s Lacrosse Senior Pictures and more are some of my favorite from the past senior season. His personality shines through these photos and shows what a great young man he is.

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It’s sort of been a slow summer, but August has been increasingly more busy. I had the pleasure a few weeks ago, though, of photographing my cousin for his senior photos [and his friend, but I will be posting those tomorrow]. We went to Crocker Pond in Westminster [which is actually very close to my house] and came back with a lot of great shots.

black and white male senior photos in front of waterfall, lacrosse senior pictures

A cute bridge, waterfall, beach, boats. All the best kinds of photo backdrops and I’m really happy with how they all came out.

lacrosse senior pictures with lacrosse stick behind back boy senior photos oakmont regional high school senior lacrosse senior pictures leaning on fence in dress shirt male senior pictures in nature

lacrosse senior pictures boy leaning against canoe in dress shirt oakmont regional high school senior

Afterwards, we went over to another location near by that has a cool old truck. The boys looked great in front of it. 

black and white boy sitting on rusty truck senior photo lacrosse senior pictures

The above image is one of my favorites from the session. I love the textures in everything and think it looks really great in black and white.

lacrosse senior pictures boy in red shirt leaning on rusty truck male senior leaning on rusty truck pictures lacrosse senior pictures oakmont senior fitchburg ma lacrosse senior pictures boy with red shirt sitting on table in front of waterfall

Like I said, tomorrow I will be posting Kyle’s side of the session. Same locations, but lots of great images of him, too. It helps to have great subjects and backgrounds, too.

To check out more senior photos, take a look at the HS Senior gallery! Also, be sure to follow on Facebook and Instagram for updates!

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