3 Tips for Unique Senior Photos

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#1 Location

Have a location in mind. One thing I DREADED for my own Senior portraits was the fact that the photography place that everyone used (my parents were not so clued into the world of OTHER photographers). It was the same brick wall, the same park, the same bench. And, to me, that meant everyone had the same pictures. Choose something meaningful to you. Meaningful location will already make your photos feel more “you.” If you can’t think of a place that holds meaning, think about where you spend most of your time. At a piano? On a stage? On a field?

Photographers will have places in mind, but they also have go-to places. I try to keep exploring new, different locations, but I definitely have my favorites. I try to vary it up as much as possible, but sometimes knowing where you want to shoot (for at least part of the time) is helpful. Photographers will often let you shoot in more than one location (as long as they aren’t too far apart) and that’s another way you can get some variety (check out our best locations of 2016).

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I need to come up with a better way of conveying this because I think it makes people think of cheesy/weird photos. What I actually mean is something for you to have or hold that represents you or part of your life. Some examples would be: a hockey stick, a stack of books, paints, a piano (guys, I really love this idea now…) or any instrument, prom dress, uniform, or really anything (within reason) that makes you, you. If you like to dye your hair, maybe do something for your photos (I really hope I didn’t lose all the moms on that one)! And, remember, it’s just for a few photos. You don’t have to use it the whole time, it will just give you some fun options.

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If your session is coming up and it looks like rain, maybe still go out in it? I carry around a clear umbrella in my car for such occasions. Or communicate with your photographer and let them know you’d like to see if you can do it in the fog? You’d be surprised at how flexible someone will be at a unique opportunity. Or, if you’re a really good planner, maybe you’re more of a snow person? As far as I’m concerned, it’s never too early to do a Senior session (and the photographer would love to space out those sessions, especially in the winter months).


The bottom line really is PLANNING. If you’re unsure of what you want, your photographer is more than willing to help you accomplish your dream session. Also, get to know your photographer. Seriously, this is SO important. Not only will you be more comfortable during the session, but photographers are creative people. If they send you a questionnaire, be honest about your qualities. Share your Instagram with them. I always use them to try and think of questions to ask, come up with fun ideas, and anything else I can think of. Check out more tips for making the most of your Senior photos.


That’s about the gist of it, this has been 3 tips for unique senior photos. I hope this helps with planning your pictures! Be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Instagram!

If you live in the Central MA/Vernon CT area, check out our Senior Model Call for the upcoming Senior Photo Season. Ready to book your Senior Session? Email me at Amanda@AmandaLuisa.com!

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